RATH x Comedy club…we aint no Joke

Also RATH from New York sent in some new footage a wall called “Comedy club…we aint NO Joke!”, read what´s behind the wall and photos after the jump!

After spending the last 3 days cooped up inside sick i got a call from the pose and decided sickness be damned i was gonna try and paint something. Without naming names graffitis snack king was behind the wheel and we hit the road, blazing at speeds that at times neared the actual posted speed limit; we drove MAD SLOW FOR HOURS, it felt like. It might have been the head cold but the trip took days. We finally reach the spot an abandoned warehouse, not so secret to the locals. After some spot recon we found a dissed wall and got to work. while I was sick i kept seeing Gieco commercials on TV, which inspired the wall. I decided to go with a HEVS piece. This is the kinda of graffiti i first fell in love with, not; overly planned or fussed over no real buff. Just cans, a heavy emphasis on fun with some clever braggadocios-isms tossed in for good measure Like Rakim at a Comedy club…we aint NO Joke!


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