“I got hyped on trying to do a classic american krylon inspired color scheme: Aqua turquoise, teal, baby blue, pastel aqua , and clover green for the fill. Banner red, popsicle orange, bright yellow, pastel yellow and Regal blue for the 3d and outline. Which translated into MOLOTOW PREMIUM: Dark riviera, light riviera, Azure blue light, butterfly yellow, for the fill. I ended up using Menthol for the clover green but if i had hd juice green i would have used it as well for the extra punch. the 23 and outline went: traffic red (the best red on the planet),shock orange, cadmium yellow, jasmin yellow. All these colors played great together and it was super fun doing a throw back color scheme fade and ribbon fill.”

Check this new piece by RATH of COD Crew in process after the jump!