The MOLOTOW™ marker system is a little revolution, based on the unique R.E.M. technology, helping the user to save money and to stay flexible in long-term. – R.E.M. stands for Refill, Exchange and Mix.. Read more after the jump!


MOLOTOW™ markers are no disposable items, but reliable and robust tools, conceptualized and built to be refilled at least 50 times. This saves money and the environment, because refilling is avoiding plastic trash.

It’s especially easy, fast and clean with the MOLOTOW™ REFILL EXTENSION – the practical refill support for almost all MOLOTOW™ pump marker.



MOLOTOW™ pump markers are based on an extremely durable technology, without any material wear. The patented capillary system ensures a constant paint flow and makes sensitive rubber or foam gaskets unnecessary. Therefore, the tip of MOLOTOW™ pump markers can be exchanged as often as you like – the function remains unaffected.

With a wide range of high-quality exchange tips, the markers can be customized to different creative needs in no time.

all tips as overall view


MOLOTOW™ refills are available in many colors and different qualities (acrylic-, water- or alcohol-based). This enables to mix a wide range of colors and own shades. (Attention: Never mix different qualities).

The MOLOTOW™ empty marker system matches perfectly and enables storage and application of individually created color shades – this makes creative work flexible!

Responsibility is not only an obligation – it’s our passion.
MOLOTOW™ stands for innovation and quality in high-end products.