Green Flowers Art Gallery is delighted to present new paintings by the renowned international graffiti artist Mr.PUPPET from Sweden.

More informations about the show and a nice Studio Visit Video by WoodHill Motion after the jump!

“For more then a decade he implanted the grids with his early 80s graffiti writing days with the complexity of living in the Now. Its a trademark for his work. Puppet simply avoid to to reflect back to the geometry of the built environment and letting the Grids be just a decorative effect slaved under the ruler. Its such a minor and secondary role for him. He try to put it in a wider perspective, with colors in layers to move towards your inner thoughts presents a sense of possibility, randomness and the infinite. He takes the grids from constraint to a liberation to make you walk away with a sense rather then just a picture… ”

The Show kicks off June 04th, more informations at Green Flowers Art Gallery´s Website.