Post Graffiti France

From April to August 2012 a new exhibition took place that goes by the name of Post Graffiti in Lilles und Reims (France). Many different types and styles of art related to the graffiti movement were presented such as cross pictures, sculptures, illustrations, typography, graphism and much more. Many well known artists were featured such as ALEXone, MIST, GRAPHIC SURGERY, HORPHÉ, L’ATLAS, TANC, KATRE, JR, JONone, CT as well as some other local artists. During the exhibition the guests had the possibility to enjoy video projections, a conference, a workshop and live performances from the artists themselves! The Post Graffiti event was supported by several partners such as: 4 galleries, Graffiti Art Magazine (FR.), Mojito Skateshop (FR.) and the town hall of Reims and Lille. Here is the footage!