It´s Monday so it´s time for a new piece from sunny greece this time by graffiti artist POISON painted with FLAME BLUE and FLAME ORANGE on raw wall in a secret spot!
“For the piece I used the FLAME ORANGE pure white for the outlines and the F0-672 Turquoise & FO-664 Menthol Light for the 3D to make it pop. The fill-in was done with the FLAME BLUE FB-428 Cosmos blue dark, FB-426 Cosmos blue, FB-424 Cosmos blue light & FLAME ORANGE FO-904 Deep black. For the background, while choosing my colors I noticed that the FLAME BLUE Burgundy FB-320 was almost identical with a water-based latex paint I had. So I decided to use  the roller paint to create shapes in the background and add details with the FLAME BLUE FB-320 Burgundy, FB-310 Piglet pink & FB-318 Traffic purple dark.”