POISON piecing with FLAME BLUE

Here is a new piece painted by POISON in the summer heat of Athens! The fill-in was painted with FLAME BLUE Spraypaint

  • FB668-Menthol Dark
  • FB606-Ocean Blue
  • FB604-Lagoon Blue
  • FB602-Riviera
  • and FB672-Turquoise 

In the Background POISON used FLAME BLUE

  • FB318-Traffic Purple Dark
  • FB404-Traffic Purple
  • FB400-Erica Violet

and some details with FLAME BLUE

  • FB214- Red Orange
  • FB212- Orange
  • FB706-Ochre
  • FB706-Grey Beige
  • and FB732-Grey Beige Light

The oiece was outlined and 3d with FLAME BLUE and FLAME ORANGE

  • FO900- Pure White
  • FB834 Light Grey Neutral
  • FB836-Middle Grey Neutral
  • FB840-Dark Grey Neutral