Graffiti artist POISON just sent in another nice update from Athens, Greece, where the heat taking over everything: 

“What is graffiti without exploring new spots? One phrase came into my mind when I found this wall, “Concrete Hideout”. Had to take full advantage of the beautiful raw concrete wall, so I decided to go with the flow and paint a “Poisonous” piece with a oldschool feeling to it. Clean thick lines and clear shines! FLAME ORANGE Mustard Dark, Mustard and  Mustard Light were used for the fill in, Crazy Violet & Erica Violet for the 3D .The background was done with Aqua, Aqua Dark and Viola Dark for the small letters. Also added a 1940s character of “Li’l Bad Wolf” on the left as an extra touch. The journey continues, let’s go!”  

Check out the photos below!