Poet & Arunski in Ottawa

On Saturday, February 15th 2014 two well-known German graffiti artists POET & ARUNSKI, who have painted on the Berlin Wall back in the days, will join Canadian artists of HOUSE OF PAINT to paint a mural at the German Embassy (1 Waverley Street, Ottawa ON, K2P 0V1 ) during Winterlude to mark the 25th anniversary since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Today, the fall of the Berlin Wall has become a symbol for freedom throughout the world. “We feel that it’s a symbolic and engaging demonstration of what the fall of the Berlin Wall meant to so many people,” said Ambassador Werner Wnendt. “For years, the wall acted as a means of oppression. Painting on the wall and expressing one’s own individuality is a way to honour what its destruction meant for so many.” German hip-hop music, wine, cider, sausage and pizza will also be showcased at the event. More info about the event here over at FACEBOOK and here


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