The professional artist and illustrator ANNA SOKOLOVA who is also known as PLUSHBRUSH has tested the MOLOTOW ONE4ALL 127HS Basic Set.

She painted a Japanese dragon with a contemporary twist and also gave us a very nice feedback on the ONE4ALL markers:

“I absolutely love working with Molotow One4ALL artistic series – it’s super-fast, clean, and very intense. There is no need to prepare studio space, bring water and brushes, and feel tired after that already 🙂 You can jump into painting right away. It’s essential as with any art project to have an idea in mind first, at least some anchors. With the ONE4ALL series, I can mix my own alchemy potions of colorvariations and refill the markers using very precise tips for details or bigger ones for the background. The quality is top!” – ANNA SOKOLOVA

ANNA is currently doing the “Bring Spring”-Challenge on Instagram – participants can win the MOLOTOW BLACKLINER Complete Set and the two special tips Calligraphy and Brush S! For more information visit PLUSHBRUSH on Instagram.