Street Artist Kevin Bohan from Ireland just informed us about an interesting art project he took part in, called “PIGS ON PARADE“. Which is an art initiative to help promote and fund the JACK & JILL FOUNDATION. Last year 100 artists each received a fiberglass pig which they could paint, decorate or otherwise create something with. The project was officially launched a little time ago and the 100 pigs are now on display in many different locations from the National Gallery in Dublin to large shopping malls, hotel foyers and to Eason’s Bookstore on Nassau Street.

The whole idea is a PIGGIE HUNT to drum up public interest and see how many pigs they can find. Then in March 2015 all 100 pigs will be collected for a joint-exhibition, photo-shoot in the CHQ Building in the Dublin Docklands. The pigs can be bought outright, sponsored or bid for on online. There will also be an auction at the end of the project with a gala dinner.

Kevin Bohan love to explore Tribal Art especially Australian Aboriginal Art and New Zealand Maori inspired designs and along with spray paint he usually always use MOLOTOW™ ONE4ALL Markers to produce the effect he requires for his work. For ‘ A PIG FOR ALL SEAONS’ (which is the name of Kevin´s pig) he painted it entirely with approx 25 to 30 different MOLOTOW™ ONE4ALL Markers to create the Aboriginal inspired dot-pattern. The pig took approx 90 hours from start to finish.

Out of the 100 pigs, the project are using two for their newspaper advertising campaign, Kevin´s ‘A PIG FOR ALL SEASONS’ and another great Mosaic-piggie called ‘TESSA’.

For info on ‘A PIG FOR ALL SEASONS’ please check in here

Kevin purchased all MOLOTOW ONE4ALL Markers at the All City Store in Dublin.

For more information on KEVIN BOHAN ART follow him on Facebook.




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