Slum Vacation takes viewers on an up close and personal trip to the Klong Toey slums with a performance project by American artist Phil America, in which he builds a house to live in Thailand’s largest marginal settlement area (slum) for 30 days. He integrates himself into the local community, bringing awareness to the 1⁄3 of the world’s urban population living in slums.

Klong Toey, with an estimated population of 120,000 inhabitants one of the largest slums in Asia, is located in central Bangkok. This district also houses the Bangkok University Art Gallery, one of South East Asia’s most important non-commercial art spaces, in which Slum Vacation was first displayed alongside a sound and video installation.

Since this projects’ realization, the house has been donated to residents of the Klong Toey Slum. It now houses a small family from Northern Thailand. Find out more here!