We have received some photos of PENER´s recent solo exhibition NOCTURNES at the Geary Gallery San Francisco. The exhibition is free and open to the public for viewing through October 31st, 2015. Checkout a selection of beautiful displayed works by PENER after the jump!

Bartek Pener Świątecki “Nocturnes” solo exhibition NOCTURNES

Bartek Pener Świątecki has created a fresh body of work for his first solo exhibition in the United States. The exhibition titled NOCTURNES; reflects on the artists continued experimentation in geometric abstract, influenced from his days as a graffiti artist. Reflecting on these initial forms of letters that have now progressed to fluid forms broken down by a constant deconstructive process; the artist pushes for a deeper reflection of these concepts. Deconstruction has led to building new forms, and codes of expression in his work. NOCTURNES opens the viewer to witness this process, which is constantly in flux. Geometric Movement held together by intricate compositions reflect archetypes of not only his early artwork but centuries of artists work. Bartek has added another layer of depth to the work as he travels to the gallery to paint an interactive installation that builds on the painted canvases compositions. By expanding the plane of his work onto the walls of the gallery Bartek redirects the origin of his painted subjects back to the wall, freeing them from the constraint of their physical limits of stretched canvas. This pushing back and forth is a key component when interpreting the artistss work, and enables us to contemplate this constant conflict in his paintings. (Poesia Transcend)


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