The ACM Team (ArtCoreMonsters, Instagram) recently sent in a nice product feedback on the MOLOTOW ONE4ALL Acrylic Markers. What they basically do is paintings to create Paste-Ups. The PasteUp Posters then make their way to the city! Read what say about the products and opinions on the advantage using a MOLOTOW ONE4ALL Marker to create such piece of art!

Our sketches originate first everybody on the paper or on the graphics tray. Then the pictures are worked on digitally to of a Collage to them print are ready. Then the printed out Paste-up posters are painted with the varied colours with the MOLOTOW ONE4ALL markers in the strengths 127HS up to 627HS. The choice of the different points (peaks) also allow us to paint the smallest details of our posters really well.

Advantages of the markers:

  • Environmentally acceptable
  • Water resistantly
  • Paste suitably (colour does not smear, besides)
  • very high deck strength
  • big(great) colour palette or also really suitably to mix in empty markers
  • Markers are well upgradable