His ‘code name’ could be mistaken for the name of a rifle: P183. In April 2013 the russian graffiti artist has died in the age of 29. Pavel won recognition as the creator of provocative art works scattered across Moscow. The details and conditions of the ‘Russian Banksy’s’ death will not be released, the production company Pavel worked for, said in the statement. Preliminary theories, however, rapidly spread online with people saying that the graffiti artist hanged himself. At the same time the media, referring to street art group ‘310’, said he was poisoned. Not much known about the artist who preferred not to disclose his name and signed his works like P183, besides his name – Pavel Pukhov – and age 29. P183 went international after several British, American and French dailies published photographs of his works, saying his ‘guerilla’ tactics of painting street murals were similar to those used by iconic British nonconformist Banksy. However, P183 didn’t take the comparison as a compliment, noting he had been shaping his signature style for the past 14 years. The mysterious figure, allegedly in his late 20s, preferred to cover his tracks and hide his face with a black balaclava to remain anonymous. A can of spray paint never failed him, helping the up-and-coming artist share his ideas with those who kept their eyes wide open. In february 2013 the Street Art Museum St.Petersburg offered P183 to do a small project in the Museum. March 10th 2013 the artist completed his exhibition at the Museum and went back to Moscow. The street art movement lost a true and very interesting character and will not be forgotten, Rest in Peace




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