OSMO1 x ONE4ALL Acrylic Spraypaint

As you know we have made a call to submit as MOLOTOW product tester, especially testing the new MOLOTOW ONE4ALL Acrylic Spraypaint in combination with the MOLOTOW ONE4ALL Markers. We received hundreds of applications and were unable to work with everyone of you for this first round. But soon coming up with a new round and call. After this one by hungarian artist Suzie here, the second received by Nina Kuukari from Finland, this by Borge Breeke from Norway, a feedback by graffiti artist Skenar73, a nice video by MateOne, this one by Zurik from Spain and the video of the artist Manuel Jacinto Torres from Santiago de Compostela here is a new feedback by graffiti artist OSMO working indoor on a graffiti letter canvas. Jump to see the photos and read the feedback!

"….first of all a big thank you for sending me the ONE4ALL Spraypaint and markers! I finished my first artwork using a grey/green color scheme which fitted very nice into the room. When painting on the wall the use was really good as i was a bit unsure about the output. The coverage works good aswell and the best was the smell. i didn`t even open the window cause it wasn`t needed which is great! Going to use those in the future for every indoor wall. I´ll post a few photos on my instagram (@osmotheone) later."




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