Entitled 1UP Crew from Berlin – “ONE UNITED POWER” the DVD presents 4 hours of graffiti from within the past eight years, including writing actions, street-pieces, roof-top rollers and many more. The film comes in a double DVD box (incl printed Booklet) with different possible subtitles (English, Russian, Arabian amm) plus lots of bonus material. The movie is divided into 2 DVD´s, the first DVD with footage from Berlin, the 2nd DVD features the Worldwide part with very great views at countries such as Thailand, Romania, Brazil, Austria, France or Cuba. The exlusive insight above prove how people in such countries dealing with this urban artform and also gives an example of how skilled the ONEUP crew interacting with the general public and the locals. These 3 minutes of their trip to Cuba is probably the most quiet scenes in the movie but a great watch. We strongly recommend these parts of the movie, ask your local store, grab a copy and enjoy the ONE UNITED POWER DVD. Our MOLOTOW™ Calendar 2012 featuring the ONEUP crew is still available in our e-shop!