NIKON x Sweet Charity Musical

“I worked many times for the National Opera house and for different thetres, making background. This is in the Weöres Sándor theatre at Szombathely, wich is the most western city in Hungary.”

Graffiti Artist NIKON just sent in a couple of nice pictures from a theatre set up for the Sweet Charity musical by Neil Simon and Cy Coleman-Dorothy Fields. The story includes the Adventures of a prostitute and her friends in Manhattan, New York in the late 70`s – early 80`s. Read more after the jump

In Order to create a unique background the order for NIKON was briefed clearly

“…the background must be confused, dirty and everywhere graffiti. i painted our graffiti names and place by place oldschool NY graffiti legends (like Stay High 149, Taki 183, Seen, Quik, tgas by Barbara 62, Eva 62, Charmin, Michelle etc..) covered/crossed us – just for being more dirty and confused the whole concept.”

A few photos below, if you stay there checkout the Musical here over at nyugat.hu


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