New Walls from Helsinki & Hämeenlinna

Here is some fresh new footage with 2 new productions from Finland, the first wall with space background is done in Hämeenlinna and the artists are Mors, Acton, Skin (characters), Skie and Virta. Second wall is done in Helsinki by Acton and Eore from TMF crew. Please find footage after the jump andthere´s also text about the meaning behind the pieces. Thanks to GEEZERS!

Acton and Eore from TMF crew, Finland, painted a neat anti-war mural right after the shit hit the fan in Ukraine. Graffities with political stance are relatively rare in Finland, but every now and then they too do arise.

Acton fills in the details: “News coverage in Europe has been pretty much filled with violent images. Be it either crappy situation in Ukraine or less delicate situation in Venezuela, back to Middle-East where it’s been boiling for god only knows for how many years. But when I read from the news that Ukrainian authorities were actually using live ammo and snipers to take out their citizens I finally had it. This shit has become so unreal. I felt the urge to do something to channel this frustration. So I talked a bit with my fellow writer Eore and asked if he’d be interested in doing a graffiti with an anti-war theme. I didn’t wanna do anything too sappy, “Stop the bomb” or “Make love not war”. Nice slogans, but didn’t quite fit into what I had in mind. So I decided to check some of my favourite comics if they would have something, well anything, we could use. Well, they did. I’ve adored comic artist Mike Mignola’s artwork for quite some time. Seriously, that dude is a pure genious and his cartoons are more than suitable for graffities if you ask me. And even if his artwork tends to have certain violent vibe in ’em, I think these two different strips I chose with ‘slight’ World War II feeling in ’em happened to be perfect for the feeling we had in mind. The ultimate evil of WWII burning in the fires of Freedom. After all, we like to think that the good will conquer the bad.

We decided to stay with the orange/brown/red color scheme which was present in the comic strips of our choice. Belton Molotow’s color range in this particular color scale is superior. There are even two different blacks used here, matte black for background and outlines of characters and separate, glossy black for outlines of the pieces.”

So, here’s few shots (pun intended) of work in progress as well as the finished mural.

Peace out, to everyone, everywhere!”




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