New wall by Gerrit Kirchner

There is a new work by Gerrit Kirchner (Home Sweet Home Graphics), who has been previously featured in our Artist Feedback Section. This time with a work in Berlin at WILDSTYLE Shop´s Hall of Fame, check it out after the jump!

Spray paint on Wall, ca. 750 x 320 cm
All Drawn with MOLOTOW PREMIUM cans.

The graffiti is focused on a part of the german consume society of youth and KIDS. The KID feeds with open hands all the greedy company-pigeons that needed the young, unaware costumers and their money. The first three pigeons can directly exploit the consume behaviour of the KID, or in another way, the support of the MOM. Sitting there, hold the KID, with a lot of love but thick, black tears too! The Apple and Nike-Pigeons are right on the way to the KID. In some years they will get something of the cake…On the left side, in the background, the VW and, the Deutsche Bank-pigeons and also the german tax system as a big golden eagle are waiting for their turn…coming soon.

Thanks to Ben from the legendary “Wildstyle-Shop” for his Tag-Skills that brings the work forward. And thanks to Jeffrey for some cool photos!


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