New Mural by IVES.one & Beazarility in Mumbai, India

Here is the latest mural painted with love and FLAME Spraypaint, by the founder of Amsterdam Street Art IVES.one and urban designer Beazarility. A few more infos about the mural please find after the jump.

Recently the founder of the Amsterdam Street Art foundation, IVES.one was asked by the Dutch Consulate in Mumbai to organize an street art project in Mumbai. The Prime-Minister Rutte, Minister Ploumen and Minister Dijksma of the Netherlands are visiting India for a large trade conference and with this reason there will be a lot of typical dutch activities in India.

IVES.one asked the Amsterdam based urban designer Beazarility to be part of this team and together they created a concept thats fits in the trade-program. The most important thing they like to show is color, beside of all the colorful people living in India the building are most of the time pretty boring, old and destroyed.

The other part they think is very important nowadays is to Unite. Both country’s, India and the Netherlands are famous of their fanaticism about sport. During a lot of research to find out which sport icon or aspect the people will like the most, they ended up with two important persons who mean a lot to the people of Mumbai.
Team captain MS Dhoni is the most respected cricket player in India and people really love him as a person but most important as a great cricket player. To create the unite feeling they decide to make a combination portrait of MS. Dhoni and their own favorite dutch football player Wesley Sneijder.

The fragmented portrait, with the drips and tags got the typical style of (street) artist IVES.one The theme, suggested by the Dutch Consulate, Paint the city orange make them decide to use the color orange. They made more pieces in Mumbai during their stay and always with this theme in their mind. For more examples of the other works check the website:www.amsterdamstreetart.com or the Facebook page www.facebook.com/amsterdamstreetart

The wall is located in Dharavi, famous about the biggest slum area of India. The size of the wall is 60 by 40 ft and it was a whole challenge to work in this climate.

The reactions of the locals were great, people love the colorful painting. The guys even meet MS. Dhoni and showed them the work, his reaction was great and he really appreciated the work that we did for him, the people of Dharavi and of course the whole intention of the Dutch Consulate.

Cool aspect of this project was the fact that (street) artist IVES.one asked urban designer Beazarility to be part of this project. IVES.one, with a lot of experience making murals, asked his friend who hasn’t any experience painting this kind of walls. Beazarility still don’t want to be put in the box of a street artist did in our opinion a pretty good job helping IVES.one with this large mural.




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