We proudly present our new CHALK markers! They are available in 10 different colors. Absolutely unique: the deep black without grey effect and the metallic colors. Beside two raindrop-proof plain colors the range also offers brilliant fluorescent neon colors. 
They are ideal for temporary applications on nearly all smooth surfaces, or for art applications on canvas. The fast-drying ink can be removed easily from non-absorbent, smooth surfaces.
As all MOLOTOW™ pump markers, CHALK markers are refillable and compatible with the REFILL EXTENSION. Moreover, the tips of our CHALK markers are exchangeable.

To obtain different color shades, the colors easily can be mixed. However, effect shades (neon and metallic) will lose their properties when mixed with plain colors.
CHALK Markers are available in different marker sizes and two color sets: Basic and Neon Set.

Detailed product information
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