*N/A, Bordeaux (France), lives and works in London (UK).

NER ONE is founder of the Le Coktail collective, with which he takes part in numerous projects that include Street Art, graffiti, graphic design, painting, set design and decoration. His work is very much inspired by the energy and vivid atmosphere of the street; after Bordeaux and Paris, he now lives and works in London.


“I was painting the face of London based Designer Frankie in Walthamstow, cold and windy but such a great week!”

The vibrancy of the city and its crazy nightlife, with the never-ending labyrinth of neon lights and music clubs, inspire many of his paintings. His more organic work represents unique colorful flowers mixed with the surreal lighting of fluorescent tubes. As he is aware of the various ecological challenges and economic problems of today’s world, Nerone constantly insists on spreading a positive message through his art.