Nasty Sons above the law

Dutch graffiti artists Mega and Romeo are back with another wall. This time they used the MOLOTOW™ BURNER Chrom to paint another blockbuster, have a look at the photos after the jump!

Nasty Sons above the law

“The silverseason has started… During wintertime it’s perfect to rock some silverpieces. Pieces like this are fun to make and at the same time have a good impact and don’t take that long to make which is perfect because of the cold.

We always make sure to have some 600 ml burner-chrom in stock, so when opportunity arises we’re ready to rock!

We decided to represent the crewname once more in big readable blockbuster style letters. In the middle we made a Judge Dredd character. For fine details without overspray we use the Belton chrom-effect, which is the perfect tool for that.” (SONS)


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