Muralist Joey Nix enlivens the city’s walls

Graffiti Artist Joey Nix had been working on a mural in a friend’s garage in Tukwila for a week and was still struggling with the female figure’s face.

“I’m battling this right now,” he said, eyeballing the canvas and glancing at his cellphone, which contained a photo of a sketch. He grabbed one of the 50 or so MOLOTOW PREMIUM paint cans at his feet and began spraying, first close to the piece, with fast, sure strokes. Then with switched cans, he rolled backward on a gray office chair and sprayed large swirls to create soft layers. “It’s like aerosol art,” he said later. “When you fade colors into each other, it’s like a dust, so it’s almost perfect.” Read the complete article with more photos here!


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