In this two new product session videos ANTISTATIK painting and varnish a canvas with the URBAN FINE-ART™ ARTIST ACRYLIC Spray Paint and MOLOTOW ONE4ALL Acrylic Markers! URBAN FINE-ART™ ARTIST ACRYLIC does not only offer a pure, fast-drying acrylate, but also a variable valve adjustment with only one cap. Thus different fine or broad lines are possible. The spreadable paint can be applicated with brush or trowel and is highly UV resistant.
To bring it down to the simplest level:

“UFA is just the best spray can, as soon as you understood what a spray can is.“ -Antistatik-

This product is available in 48 colors (09/2019) and you can find more informations here.

Now watch the MOLOTOW™ Product Sessions Episode #50 to see how you can varnish the final artwork with matt and glossy URBAN FINE-ART™ UV-VARNISH to perform the different look using one of the two UV Varnish Spray!

Premature fading, abrasion by straining weather conditions: which artist doesn’t know this problem? Use URBAN FINE-ART™ UV-VARNISH, to let your art work shine and remain permanent as long as possible. The high-quality varnish is available in various gloss levels and was developed especially for outside weather influences.

Like this UV-resistance, brilliant colors and indoor and outdoor durability can be improved distinctly.

More about the URBAN FINE-ART™ UV-VARNISH here!