In this MOLOTOW TV episode we would like to present a dynamic video produced by the DIRTS crew from Russia. The video shows footage from Moscow and St.Petersburg and gives an interesting insight the Russian subway art culture. Since the first commuter trains were painted in New York City in the 1970’s this movement has grown more and more and has arrived to Russia as well. Today Russia owns one of the most active movements world wide with thousands of graffiti writers painting graffiti, street art and urban art.  

Filmed in Russia, Winter 2018/2019

DISCLAIMER: The content of this video is not supposed to induce criminal and illegal activities or imitation. It is part of our MOLOTOW TV video collection exclusively to present the artistic aspects of the worldwide graffiti art movement. Since day one MOLOTOW is not just a brand but also a chronist of the cultural development of this movement and try documents it in all its pillars.