MOLOTOW Time project by Paolo Brasa

We just received a nice recap on the MOLOTOW Time project by italian artist Paolo Brasa: “It’s a way to understand time and divide recalls.” the artist says. The project includes a handmade book of old MOLOTOW™ PREMIUM spraypaint labels the artist used in 2013 to paint graffiti. All labels are placed in chronological order. Paolo has started the project without telling us so that´s a very nice surprise! Thanks heeps! Please check the photos after the jump!

Colors Story – Molotow Book by Paolo Brasa

This book is made with all labels of spray cans I used in 2013 to paint graffiti. All labels are set in chronological order of consumption so they create a temporal line of colors that talks about days and months. The time of one year marked by colors.

Mixing Balls, by Paolo Brasa

This is an evolving project born for the necessity of create space in my small garage, where I was keeping more than 20 boxes of empty cans. So I started to open those cans, dividing balls, remained paint, valves, labels and steel. Then, looking at mixing balls, I felt that the only material thing that will remain of my graffiti, would be that: a big amount of coloured balls. I think at them as the deepest and most eternal part of graffiti, the deepest essence, just like a soul or a recall.
Keeping balls in glass pots allowed me to save space in garage, creating an artwork full of sense and memories, and then I started to press empty cans to reduce their volume at 1/3. This project is still going on and in next months I’ll complete it and send you some pictures but actually I only have a pictures of 28 boxes with more than 5000 pressed cans…




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