MOLOTOW™ Sketch Battle Apocalypses Minsk

Here is a Video and Photo Report of the MOLOTOW™ Sketch Battle Apocalypses Minsk (Belarus). This open competition for talented Belarusian graffiti artists was held by PALITRA Minsk with the support of the team of Zadelo.by on January 24th, 2015. Participants and guests of all ages and interests from different regions of Belarus gathered together for the final sketch battle. They shared experiences and good mood, creating an atmosphere of celebration and inspiration. We also had special guests of the event – jazz / funk band VibeClube, Dj’s NoMork and Max Great. Young b-boys, involved into the dance battle as well as professional dancers.

10 young artists participated in the final round, but at the very beginning there were 105 of them (not only from Belarus, but also from Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia!) to struggle in the first and the second online rounds. Finally, the honorable first place went to Maxim from Zhodino (Torfs); the second place went to Ivan from Rechitsa (Tame69); the third place went to Alexandr from Brest (Anor). Each of ten particioants from the final round got a sketchbook and a set of ten MOLOTOW™ markers. The winners got special prizes – 18, 12 and 6 cans of MOLOTOW™



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