MOLOTOW Product Session #69 – The MOLOTOW LIQUID CHROME in four sizes

Here is a new short product session demo video featuring the MOLOTOW LIQUID CHROME range including four pump markers which dispense a highly-pigmented, alcohol-based and permanent ink. This LIQUID CHROME ink with its incredible mirror effect is an opaque and permanent high-gloss metallic chrome-coloured ink. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use on a variety of surfaces, this ink is highly UV-resistant and very quick to dry. The MOLOTOW LIQUID CHROME Markers are available in four sizes: with a 1mm tip, a 2mm tip, 4mm tip and 5mm tip. All the markers can be refilled with Liquid Chrome ink available in a 30ml refill bottle!

Hands by graffiti artist SLIDER of the BANDITS CREW.

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