MOLOTOW™ Premium Color Update 2011


As you may have heard we are about to launch 65+ brand new MOLOTOW™-Premium shades including new artist and fluorescent neon colors. Since the Nineties when Molotow introduced the first Colors made by belton, Graffiti and Street Artists have been fascinated with the history of our color range and the high quality. After 14 years of success, it was about time to make another step forward – MOLOTOW™-Premium is ready to enter the next level with a sophisticated and unique reference selection of colors. 251+ colors, well organized, in 49 new colors gradients! Before we go to present the full line of the new MOLOTOW™-Premium Color Range we will slowly familiarize you with new shades, gradients and Colors! Watch out for the next updates here on our website and enjoy this short clip giving you an inside look of the MOLOTOW™-Premium production at Europe’s leading manufacturer of color sprays, whose lacquer production is considered the most innovative worldwide. Colors in Motion, there you are.


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