MOLOTOW ONE4ALL™ Marker Range Refill 30ml

The MOLOTOW ONE4ALL™ Marker Range Refill contains a highly pigmented brilliant color concentrate with doubled covering power on base of a acryl combination. Solvent-free, quick-drying and silk mat. Optimal use for writing utensils, marker, brush, airbrush, sponge etc. For fine-art, hobby, industry and craft in indoor & outdoor application. The paint is perfect to use on solid materials (leather, metal, glass, stone, plastic, modeling materials etc.) like mobiles, computers, shoes, modelbuilding etc. Inimitable on absorbent surfaces (paper, cardboard, terracotta, wood etc.) like canvas, caps, pottery etc. (check surface fist). A large color variety by user-defined mixing of the colors is possible! Or create pastel colors by adding white. In case you want to use it for Airbrush: approx. up to 3 to 10% water dilutable. Resolvable with acetone. As refill only use ONE4ALL™ products or empty markers. And pleaase note: Don’t mix with alcohol-based inks! MOLOTOW ONE4ALL™ Marker Range Refill is also available in 180ml and the 10ml-Striptubes Refill-Set. More informations about this product here.


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