The new MASTERPIECE product range includes now the pocket-sized 300 size marker, the smallest 400 size marker, the big 600 size marker and the record-breaking 700 size marker. They differ in size and filling – there are two different inks, CoversAll and Speedflow. See what´s the difference!

A pitch-black, alcohol-based ink contains synthetic bitumen and provides a permanent, visco-plastic coating (signal black). It is also highly opaque, UV- and weather-resistant, quick drying, abrasion resistant and therefore perfect for indoor- and outdoor-use.

The black cocktail Speedflow ink on nitrogen-based paint has a visco-plastic coating with a light copper shimmer (chemical black). It is highly opaque, UV- and weather-resistant, fast drying, abrasion resistant and suitable for both indoor- and outdoor-use.

The markers are all equipped with the patented Flowmaster™ pump-valve that ensures a constant ink flow. Of course, they are refillable very easy with all of our inks and paints. But the best results you´ll get with the alcohol-based CoversAll and Speedflow refill cocktails.

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