MOLOTOW color names update

Already in 2019 MOLOTOW published a press release in respect of the “skin color shades discussion” at two big wholesalers, in which the urban brand MOLOTOW not only distances itself from all kinds of presumed, politically-questionable facts of the case, but also announced to change several “skin tone names” as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, this information has not reached all channels and groups of people. Therefore, MOLOTOW takes again the chance for an official statement, that hopefully reaches everyone:

MOLOTOW distances itself from any kind of antisemitic and discriminating color shade names and/or color schemes. In doing so, MOLOTOW already decided to change all affected color names in 2019 while take action for the first color shade within the ONE4ALL acrylic marker range.

Due to a long Supply-Chain Management, already manufactured and circulating products, diverse online platforms as well as international suppliers and trading partners, changing color names is a very complex, extensive and global process.

Products with old labels and old product images and/or photos may occur within the world wide web and in old printing materials, as well as in stationary shops. Therefore, MOLOTOW asks the consumers to show leniency.

Please check our press statement from 2019:

As a medium-sized company from the Black Forest operating in more than 55 countries, our daily business is often very agile, industrious and tight. In doing so, the urban brand MOLOTOW puts its emphasis on satisfying customers wishes, as well as on creative development processes for the users and high-quality product innovations. As a result, an objective sight “from the outside” is one of the hardest supreme disciplines in entrepreneurial and operational creation and development processes – this is also true for MOLOTOW.

Due to the discussion about names of colors in respect of “skin” tones that arose in the general market, also MOLOTOW started to have a look on its own color assortment while analyzing the color shade names. Color scales with color terms existing for more than 25 years in the general art market, never were investigated in depth and/ or inspected critically.

As MOLOTOW is a dynamic, liberal-minded and international brand with a sustainable brand core and long-established company philosophy, the brand with an urban character wants to distance itself from all kinds of presumed, politically-questionable facts of the case. As a sign of brand positioning, the existing ONE4ALL color shade “skin pastel” will be changed into “powder pastel” as soon as possible.

Due to a long chain of corresponding processes and several platforms in prints, at B2B partners and online, a change of a color name is a very complex, extensive and partially long-drawn-out measurement. Therefore, MOLOTOW asks consumers to show leniency: a complete conversion of all labels and corresponding digital and non-digital images and medias will take its time.

MOLOTOW says ‘Thank you’.

P.S.: please do not forget to press “F5” to clear your caches so can see updated content.

Thank you!

Your MOLOTOW team




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