Modern Calligraphy Bible: 101 Alphabets from Artists Around the World

Language, writing, and letters are the basis of our communication as human beings–and calligraphy celebrates the inherent beauty of this need to share and connect. This volume showcases what calligraphy has grown to be in the 21st century, featuring 101 artists from the worlds of graffiti, tattooing, graphic design, painting, illustration, poster art, comics, and more. Their different mediums, styles, and languages, including imaginary ones, show the endless potential and inspiration of turning letters into art.

Each artist featured has a brief bio explaining their background and inspirations, examples of their artwork, and an original alphabet. The artists, from 20 countries, share alphabets in vibrant color and black and white, in clarity and in chaos, in pencil on paper and paint on walls. In our digital age, where screens and keyboards have taken over, this ancient art still thrives.

Frédéric Claquin is the author of this printed masterpiece. A producer, and independent publisher. He has produced and edited more than 30 art books focusing on contemporary graphic arts.

The book is available here over at MOLOTOW FRANCE´ online store!


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