MODE2 x „Take it to the Max“

Urban Artist Mode2 just joined the AIR MAX Day (more here and here) in cooperation with Overkill Berlin by a nice new Artwork entitled „Take it to the Max“ . The artist explains the idea behind his painting and the role of Bruce Lee:

“He could fly through the AIR, took things to the MAX, was a perfectionist always seeking to surpass himself whether physically, technically, or artistically. “In your face”, the name of this painting, expresses the directness, the drive, the relentless search for exactitude, and the sheer impact of a simple man who became an inspiration for so many, and who sadly died too soon…I am trying to execute the painting as quickly as possible, so as to somehow preserve the energy of rapid movement and impact. I want this to somehow be felt when looking at the painting, with the only attention to detail being on the Air Max Zero, as it zeroes in on your face…”

A few photos of the process and the artwork after the jump!

Photos: Maxim Rosenbauer


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