Mixed Mastered and Stolen

Interesting what went down in Canada. Find out the whole story and a video after the jump!

In 2011, Chevrolet Canada launched their national campaign for the new Chevrolet Sonic. Created By MacLaren McCann and Cossette, it features images of graffiti created by numerous artists during the 2010 edition of the Under Pressure festival. The only problem was, they didn’t pay for it ! Since, Chevrolet Canada retracted and erased the evidence of all promotional materials including other branding assets throughout the country, representing millions of dollars! Even after taking notice of their errors, only one high profile and reputable artist in their eyes has received payment for damages concerning the intellectual property and copyright infringements leaving 25 other artists unpaid for the use of their work.

After investing hundreds of thousands of more dollars to replace their campaign, Chevrolet Canada, MacLaren McCann and Cossette continue to exploit graffiti, it’s community and our culture… Without first resolving the settlements with the artists they originally stole from and who’s rights they abused….

Ironically, to this very day Chevrolet’s parent company based out of the United States continues to support and pay graffiti and street artits who are involved in the promotion of the 2012 Sonic…

This video was a response to their actions!



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