Microcapsmic – A Vision of Cosmos by ORION

We would like to introduce a spray paint caps project by the name of "Microcapsmic". After two years in the making and sorting technical things out, now it’s online with its first part and a selection of six clogged spray paint caps that were used to create the stellar mural "StarChild (Genesis)" by the artist ORION.

"Fallen from the stars among the pioneers of the romanian stencil street art scene. The Orion reflects the sky map into street art and through his creations it changes your perception of astronomy."

"Microcapsmic is a vision of Cosmos" the artist says. "Spray paint caps [microcosm] are regarded as the epitome of the Universe [macrocosm] and vice versa. You’re contemplating the scale of the sprayed Universe. The closer you look, the faster you get absorbed by its black hole."

"Used and naturally clogged in the most random ways possible, these spray paint caps were once indistinguishable from one another to the human eye and untouched by the human hand in the making. Now, each of them is considered to be small-scale models of the Universe that they created it."

The first part showed here is a selection of six clogged spray paint caps that were used to create the so called stellar mural "StarChild (Genesis)". You can take a closer look to the project here! All photographs, mural & video editing was done by the artist, video soundtrack composed by Podington Bear.




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