Our next artist feature is about Mélanie Pasquier from France. She was born in 1984, lives and works in her studio in Savennières near Angers. Mélanie just shared a beautiful recent work with us: it´s about dots on her acrylic paintings using MOLOTOW ONE4ALL: 
"Between features and matter, a sensory inner journey. Dot as an atom, the body of the work in gestation, fruit of a necessary slowness  Her work of overlays tries to transcribe the sentimental and hormonal maelstrom that takes place during her last pregnancy. It reflects the difficulty of telling the intimacy and the tensions that are played between this inner magic and its medical aspect. Her paintings are a reflection of this poetry of creation in the face of obstetric violence, the phases of serenity that oppose periods of anxiety.  The process is long, drawing is done by the line and the point…Patience is required to achieve a work"
Find out more about her work over at the website melaniepasquier.com