Mega x Romeo: ‘Blown Away’

Dutch Graffiti Artists Romeo and Mega of the SONS Crew introducing a fresh new indoor piece titled “Blown Away” have a look the footage after the jump

Mega x Romeo: ‘blown away’

Weather temperatures in Holland are still pretty much below zero, sowe decided to do another indoor spot. Indoor spots are good for trying new directions and are fun to do during the winterseason.

We had the idea of making rather simple pieces which are partly disintegrated by a tornado.
We painted the wall with a selection of greys from the belton range.
We kept the style of the pieces pretty basic because after adding all the effects we wanted the letters to still stand out and not becoming unreadable.

First we painted a comic style tornado in the middle.
Next we started painting the letters and put an outline around it and added a simple 3d.
After that it was time to add the movement lines in the fill and 3d to create a motion effect.
To spice it up we added some dirt all over the piece to make it look more realistic.
The transparant black came in handy for some drop shadows.
The last thing was to add some finishing touches such as adding the crewname inside the tornado and do some minor touch-ups.

All in all it was a good exercise and the effects work well.




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