MEGA x ONE4ALL Acrylic Spray Paint

Graffiti artist MEGA of the NASTY SONS Crew had the chance trying out the new ONE4ALL Acrylic Spray Paint. Here is what he have to say about two artworks created with our new product, jump to read and look!

“I was happy to get the oportunity to test out the new ONE4ALL Acrylic Spray Paint. One thing that I noticed when I recieved the cans is that they look very cute. It’s a nice to see a smaller version of the cans we paint with for years. I wanted to tryout a few things with the paint so I decided to make two canvases. The main benefit with spray paint compared to the ONE4ALL markers is that you can make blends and glow effects, so that is what I did. First I sketched the outlines on the canvas with a marker and after that I spray painted the background. The paint has to be shaken much longer than ‘regular’ spray paint but that was not a problem. First I used a fatcap to get rid of the first thick blobs of paint (sprayed it on a working board), after that I switched to the regular cap and the paint flowed very well. The coverage is pretty good, I doesn’t have to be thicker since you can use it to work in layers.”

“For the first canvas I painted a yellow background and a lighter yellow coming from behind the letters. Because of the coverage I was able to still see the sketched lines so I don’t have to draw them again. For the other canvas I wanted to work wet in wet, so I used a brush and some water to make brush strokes. This also worked very well. The drying time of the paint is pretty quick for a waterbased paint. After the paint dried I used cheap masking tape to cover up the backgrounds of both canvases. Then I spray painted the fill in of both pieces. For the first one I made a horizontal classic color blend. This worked surprisingly well, I also noticed you can work better with these cans when spraying downwards. Compared to regular spraypaint It’s hard to paint this way.”

“For the other piece I faded several colors in a more ‘disco color way’. It was also nice to see that it was easy to make little drips by ‘strangling’ the cap a bit. After that I used markers to do the outlines and some effects. In the end I used the spray paint again to do some final glow effects to make it look a bit shiny. One thing could be improved is the big blobby paint, you have to spray first can be annoying to work with but that wouldn’t stop me from buying it. Personally I would not use it that much for pieces on a wall, since the cans are not that big, but for canvas and studio work it is perfect.”




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