After graffiti artists SLIDER and GESER kicked off season 02 of the MOLOTOW Exchange project with this two fresh pieces next WOBE exchanged letters with TONES here, graffiti artists MR.CENZ from the UK and BOOGIE swapped names, here is Exchange Number 04 between dutch graffiti artist MEGA and FORK4 from Budapest, who painted a MEGA piece together with his AFX crewmates LEHEL and KAST, who took the chance painting a ROMEO piece. (ROMEO is in crew with MEGA)
“We made a DNS (DADDIES NASTY SONS, MEGA´s Crew) wall together and Kast made a piece for Romeo. I painted a mixed style for MEGA focusing on Graffiti elements and putted some layers on as I always do that. In hungarian DNS means DNA so we painted a DNA background and Lehel created a crazy doc as Daddy. So our project became bigger and we made a joiner for the dutch legends using orange and yellows”
FORK4 says,while MEGA commented on the Exchange:
“I kept the background a bit simple, this is because 3 weeks ago I slipped and fell on my paintfinger.Resulting in a dislocated finger and not be able to bend it for the next weeks. So the last couple of pieces I did were painted with my middle finger. That works but takes a lot more time painting the piece. But enough excuses.. The piece came out alliright. I am ready for round two!”
Check out this exchange below in photos and a video produced by FORK4 himself, more coming soon!