MEGA & ROMEO – ‘The Hip Hop Family Tree’

Dutch graffiti artists Mega and Romeo just sent in a new production called ‘The Hip Hop Family Tree’ based on a comic about the history of hip hop in New York. Read the story and have a look at the photos after the jump!

‘The Hip Hop Family Tree’

Last year (2013) Ed Piskor released the first part of his ‘HIP HOP FAMILY TREE’ , a comic about the history of hip hop in New York.

In total, there will be at least 6 parts released….

We really liked the book and the way it was drawn. It is like you are reading a comic from the 80’s, so we decided to make a production in the style of the book. We tried to use the colors in the same scheme as the book to give the whole production an 80’s look.

The MOLOTOW Premium color range offered us just the right colors.

Offcourse we used some characters from the book but we changed the words to make it more our own thing.

The idea came out the way we wanted it to be and we hope that the publishers won’t sue us for stealing 😉

(see it as a sampling thing)…


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