Maser – Molotow Pigment Spray

Livestrong is the Lance Armstrong Foundation project to unite people to fight cancer believing that unity is strength, knowledge is power and attitude is everything. Each year they do summit meetings in a major city and last year they came to Dublin. They contacted Maser because they were looking for an Irish graffiti writer to help them promote their event. They wanted some artwork done with normal chalk, but Maser had the idea of using the Molotow Pigment Spray to do a large stencil project outside the building where the event took place. So this was approved and Maser ordered 5 boxes from us. The artwork represent Unity and people coming together (the handshake), the Livestrong logo breaking the wall of ignorance down and some positve and negative symbols on each side. The Livestrong Foundation loved the piece and 3 days after the event it rained and the whole thing washed away, saving Maser a cleaning bill of 500 euros 🙂

Photos on his flickr here, Maser’s website here


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