The Japanese artist MASAAKI HASEGAWA (based in Madrid) stopped by to visit the MOLOTOW Headquarter during his trip through Germany.

He tested the MOLOTOW Chalk spray and markers on a window glass of the K31 – the company’s own gallery. The artists work is influenced by his experience growing up with synesthesia (the visualization of music and sound), as well as the Japanese sense of beauty, in which a primary focus on space creates harmony between chaos and order:

“In order to capture the essence of the universe, I apply a quantum mechanical way of thinking in an attempt to exist on the edge of chaos and order. In order to grasp the essence of humanity, I consciously design creative processes that capture unconscious thoughts to clarify functionalities of the human mind. Thoughts, assumptions, and insights are expressed in different manners, extracting possibilities from nothing and embodying them to make intangible things tangible. In the process of artistic and conceptual visualization, the combination and reflection of light is a key element that allows humans to observe: art can exist.”

More by the artist check out on his website:

The MOLOTOW chalk markers are ideally suitable for temporary applications on smooth and non-absorbent surfaces as the fast-drying ink can be removed easily.