Martha Cooper & Henry Chalfant

World of Photography” was a weekly half-hour television program, produced by Brockway Broadcasting Corporation, which was in syndication from 1985 to 1991 and aired on the ABC Television Owned & Operated Stations, as well as on A&E and The Travel Channel. Photography has changed greatly over the last twenty-plus years, but much of the program content from “World of Photography” is extremely relevant to today’s digital photographer. Over the six year run of the show, more than 175 half-hour episodes were produced including more than 450 story segments. On this channel we will be posting close to 180 of those story segments. Come back often to see what’s new as we continue to add story segments each month. In this episode Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant show us how they shoot pictures of street art & graffiti in New York City.


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