‘Märtyrer’ MOLOTOW™ Train

Kool Savas also known as King Kool Savas, is a German rapper and hip hop artist from Berlin. Kool Savas started with HipHop and Graffiti in the early ninetees. Apart from his succesful music career, Kool Savas aka CHAMP (his graffiti alias) always kept painting Graffiti. More or less in a regular way. He is in crew with the graffiti artist SLIDER from Dresden and german rapper LAAS, the so called MÄRTYRER Crew. MÄRTYRER also is the title of his next album, scheduled for release in Germany on 14 November 2014. SLIDER and his crewmate CAPARSO invited KOOL SAVAS to paint the MOLOTOW Train at our headquarters with a great MÄRTYRER scenario, KOOL SAVAS did the Letter elements on the train. We also took the chance and interviewed him about his career, hiphop and his new upcoming album. The interview and photos of the Train here


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