MADC´s ‘Home Sweet Home’ Exhbition

Claudia Walde a.k.a. MadC’s new solo show ‘Home Sweet Home’ is currently on display at Galerie Brugier-Rigail in Paris until 1st April, 2016. It´s a very special exhibition and probably not the one to expect from her. The theme of the exhibition is based on her home, a very personal issue. Everybody’s home tells a story about the owner since we spent 90% of our lifetime indoors. Therefore, home is telling a better story of our history than anything else could. Graffiti and Street Art is performed in the streets, but the ideas and concepts are born sketching, drawing and brainstorming at home. A Graffiti Artist’s home is especially interesting to look at – the closet is divided into ‘regular cloths’ and ‘painting cloths’. The book shelves are divided between ‘regular books’ and ‘graffiti books’, the desk is full of pens and markers, the shoe rag sprouts sneakers splashed with paint and the walls are covered with prints and original art. For her solo show, MadC brings ‘Home’ to the gallery – combining exhibition space with living room, bathroom, bedroom and guest room. It is a journey through MadC’s past and present, a mix of her art and her private life. The new body of work will feature painted furniture as well as canvases mixed with materials such as fabrics, spray paint boxes, mirrors, light boxes and photographs. Checkout some photos after the jump!

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