MADC painting 8000sqm of an airport terminal with more than 1.000 spray cans in 48 hours – DRS GATEWAY

In January 2019 the Dresden International Airport asked Graffiti artist MADC to paint their entire old Terminal with whatever she want. Since MADC originate from the city of Bautzen, Saxony, she decided to walk along her path of 22 years of graffiti writing – everything from traditional graffiti pieces and blockbusters up to the abstract calligraphy she paints today:
“Since I love a challenge, I painted a little more than 8000sqm of space in a very limited amount of time and at -4°C. And yes, I loved it! Thanks to the Red Tower Films camera team you can all enjoy this project through their moving timelapse. Check the little index on the top left for time and cans spent. Enjoy”
Check out the video and photos below!
Photos: Marco Prosch, Fokke Hassel


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