LOOMIT x Mural Harbor Linz

Loomit, whose real name is Mathias Köhler has worked for more than 30 years in the graffiti scene. He is one of the most prominent international graffiti artists and is not only an artist but also a curator and gallery owner. As early as 1985 he was involved with the painting of the first graffiti sprayed train in Germany. His first two court proceedings could not stop him and his career which than just started to get serious. In addition to graffiti traveling is one of his greatest passions. He likes to get to know new cultures and social hotspots. His illustrative graffiti and 3D styles can be found worldwide in numerous countries, including China, Russia, Siberia, India, USA, South America, Ukraine and many other European countries. His works now can also be seen in Linz (Austria) at Mural Harbor. Together with the artist agency iOnArt he embellished the old port of Linz is association with Mural Harbor & BoxxOffice Linz.


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